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Uniform Information
Girls Top Image
Top: Girls
No halter tops, tank tops, or "spaghetti straps" may be worn as outer clothing. Shirts worn by females should not show mid-rift when arms are raised above the head.
Girls Bottom Image
Bottom: Girls
Shorts must be worn at the waist and the length should be at or below the knee cap when standing. Dresses/ Skirts must be knee length or longer. No pajama bottoms or boxer shorts may be worn as outer clothing.
Boys Top Image
Top: Boys
All shirts worn by males must be tucked in pants at the waist. All shirts must have a sleeve.
Boys Bottom Image
Bottom: Boys
Shorts and pants must be worn at the waist at all times and must fit properly. Sagging pants will NOT be tolerated. Shorts must be knee length or longer.
Belt Image
Unbuckled belts are not allowed. Belts should be worn and tucked in loops completely and must be visible.
Shoes Image
Shoes must be worn. No bedroom slippers. Shoelaces must be tied. Tennis shoes must be worn at PE.
Outerwear Image
Please put names on the inside of all jackets, sweaters, and coats.
Additional Notes
Students are expected to dress in a manner that will ensure health and safety and not detract from the learning environment. Any appearance that the principal or her designee considers disruptive to the educational process or a violation of the dress code will be sent home to change, or be sent to TOR for the remainder of the day.
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